I have an issue with trim / triml.  Whenever I put a string in to trimmed,
it refuses to take the period at the end of the string off.

I did put more things to trim first, but this is basically what I am doing:

$single = "The date is 20-Aug-2002." // This is an example - see below
$trimmed = rtrim($date, ".");

Is there an issue with this?  I've tried using trim() too.

The source of $single is a reponse from a server.  I should note that when I
put this in as an experiment, it works fine.  When I get the line from the
server, it doesn't work!

The only thing I can think of is the possibility that the "." I am seeing at
the end of the line isn't really one (it looks like a duck, copies like a
duck, but...isn't a duck??!!).

Is there a way to just strip the last character off regardless of what it



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