www.webprosinc.net has several plans, starting as little as $4.95 (1 MySQL
database/1 domain/125 MB space/2GB transfer) to $49.95 (unlimited
databases/100 domains/1GB space/16GB transfer).  They are currently using
PHP 4.1.0 and seem to regularly updated their system (they use Plesk for
maintenance).  As with any host, there are some limitations to what you can
and cannot do.

Oh.  And very, very important:  they have *always* gotten back to me within
a few hours of any support call I have made.  This is a vast difference from
some prior hosts that I was lucky to hear from within 24 hours of a support

Good luck in your search.  :)

Seairth Jacobs

"Or Not Db Db" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I have searched the archives and the last time this was seriously
> was september of last year...unless I have a giant gaping hole in my
> archive!  :)  I was considering northwesthost.com and would like some
> opinions on them or anybody you are happy with  The list of isp's on
> doesn't mean much to me without some current comments about their
> performance.
> I need php and mysql support for my site - I'm moving the domain name and
> site from myhosting.com (they're ASP and perl2exe'd scripts only).  TIA!
> -Kirk

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