Do you have phpMyAdmin running yet? If so you create new databases with the
click of a button. The first page you see should say Welcome to phpMyAdmin
...ver etc. If you have set phpMyAdmin to run on an existing MySQL install,
the drop down boxes "should" contain your existing databases if configured
correctly. To create a new database just type the name in the box on the
home page and click create, from there you can create new tables etc.


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I am new to MySQL and PHP.
Having looked at PHPMyAdmin the GUI I was wondering if it's possible to
create a new database within the system?
If so what are the commands? I ask because I only have one database on my
server and don't want to populate it with different tables, I'd rather have
seperate ones for seperate functions.. Ideas or advice? is the way I am
suggesting better or worse than the way my hosting company expects me to
Thanks in advance.

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