On Wednesday 21 August 2002 06:41, Øystein Håland wrote:
> "Put them into an array and sort() the array.  The loop through the sorted
> array and output at that point."
> Just what I try. But, because of my lack of understanding, the output is my
> problem:

You're not doing what has been suggested above. See comments below.

1) In your while loop only read in the filenames into an array (discarding '.' 
and '..').

2) Then sort the array.

3) Then use a foreach to loop through the array elements to create the links.

> function createLinks() {
>  $p = 0;
>  $handle=opendir(".");
>  echo "<UL>\n";
>  while ($file = readdir($handle)){
You've read in a filename

>   $files[] = $file;
And added it to the array

>   $sorted = sort($files);
Then sort the array, but why? You haven't read in ALL the files yet so why 
sort now? Also you're not using the results of the sorted filenames ($sorted) 
anywhere else in your code.

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