Wednesday, August 21, 2002, 8:26:29 AM, you wrote:
G> Is there a soul who has the xslt extensions compiled with php 4.2.2,
G> sablotron 0.95 and expat 1.95.4  and working on Linux who is willing to
G> give me some tips?

G> I have tried the suggestions here:
G> http://www.php.net/manual/en/ref.xslt.php

G> here:
G> http://phpfaq.info/#id98

G> and the patches here:
G> http://www.gingerall.com/charlie/ga/xml/d_sab.xml

G> all to no avail. make always fails due to errors in
G> [phpsourcedir]/ext/xslt/sablot.c

G> Thank you

I could not get 0.95 to compile, I had to go back to version 0.90


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