Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:

> Simply configure your MTA to queue requests coming from PHP.  Your php.ini
> file has the sendmail invocation line that is used by PHP's mail()
> function.  Most MTA's out there have a sendmail-like interface and most
> have a way to tell it to simply queue the request and return immediately.
> For sendmail you tell it to queue by adding a option to the command line
> specified in php.ini using the -o flag.  Check your sendmail docs for the
> actual option, but on my system my docs say:
>   DeliveryMode=x
>     Set  the  delivery mode to x.  Delivery modes are `i' for
>     interactive (synchronous) delivery, `b' for background
>     (asynchronous) delivery, `q' for queue only - i.e., actual
>     delivery is done the next time the queue is run,  and
>     `d'  for  deferred - the same as `q' except that database
>     lookups for maps which have set the -D option (default
>     for the host map) are avoided.
> Don't forget that if you just queue the mssages, you need to flush the
> queue every now and then.  Traditionally that is done by a cron job that
> runs periodically and calls sendmail to flush the queue.

But I'm running on a shared hosting server, I'm not able to modify 
Sendmail's configuration :(
Thank you anyway for your help, any other idea ?
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