If you need "real" shadow effects (i.e. if the image data itself should 
contain the shadow), you can follow the suggestion below but using GD to 
achieve the effect by concatenating images.

If you're looking for a solution to *display* the thumbnails in the 
page, then this is what I would do: I'd create the shadow of a rectangle 
in any imaging software, with the appropriate blur size and transparency 
for the given situation (depending on thumbnail size and background 
color/pattern, respectively). Then I'd create a new layer to mask the 
undesired portion of the shadow (a placeholder for the actual thumbnail 
in effect), select it and use the selection to trim the shadow. I'd now 
have a mirrored L-shaped shadow mask. I would now determine where 
exactly do the corners   end and where the continous linear parts begin 
(to the pixel, by deeply zooming in). Now all I'd have to do would be to 
trim the five areas which are different (three corners, a vertical and a 
horizontal patch) and I'd save those as five distinct files - and then 
use tables to display them around each thumbnails. The corners would be 
<TD><IMG SRC="top_right.png"></TD> and the vertical and horizontal ones 
would be <TD BACKGROUND="horizontal.png"><IMG SRC="spacer.gif"></TD>. 
You'll obviously have to make sure that the corner images match their 
width/height with the respective backgrounds.



Steph wrote:
> I'm trying to auto-add shadow effects to my image thumbs using PHP or the GD Library 
>if that's even possible. Any ideas where I start?
> Thanks,
> Steph

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