on 22/08/02 11:41 AM, Peter Goggin ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> I am setting up a web site which will be hosted on my own equipmet at home,
> located in Melbourne, Australia
> I would like some general advice on two questions.
> 1. What sort of permanent interconnect should I look at (Cable is not
> available in my area).  Is DSL suitable? Are there any good providers in the
> area?

DSL is a cheap option, although you have limited bandwidth and file
transfers.  It would be a good first step.

> 2. I need to set up credit card payments. Has anyone any experience with
> PayPal? Are there any other providers I should consider.

It sounds like you're NOT a sys admin type, so DON'T think about storing
credit card #'s on your own server yet -- you'd need a lot of security and
system admin experience before going there!


Depends on what you want to sell (intellectual property or physical items)

Not really the place to ask this... look for e-commerce type sites and
articles... liek the ones on ecommercebase.com

Justin French

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