If your in Aus (like me) then I recommend eWay, I've used them for several
sites and never had a problem.

They even have some sample PHP code you can use to integrate with there

Jarrad Kabral

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I think DSL is better than cable if you can't get a T3 line.

If you want a site hosted at your home, i strongly suggest
Apache(www.apache.org). Great sever tool :)  Or PHP-Triad(www.phpgeek.com
not sure if thats the site or not, sorry).

Sorry i have no PayPal account so i can't answer that one ;)


"Peter Goggin" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I am setting up a web site which will be hosted on my own equipmet at
> located in Melbourne, Australia
> I would like some general advice on two questions.
> 1. What sort of permanent interconnect should I look at (Cable is not
> available in my area).  Is DSL suitable? Are there any good providers in
> area?
> 2. I need to set up credit card payments. Has anyone any experience with
> PayPal? Are there any other providers I should consider.
> I don't know if this is the correct list for the questions, but if not
> perhaps someone could point me to where I can get some advice.
> Regards
> Peter Goggin

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