Hi every1 I got this script that works fine on my local windows pc but 
on the remote server (FreeBSD)
I get this message:

Warning: Wrong datatype for first argument in call to in_array in 

the script should bookmark an user choice storing it in the 
$_SESSION["bkmks"] array.
this is the code:
$rty->mark($id,$tab);                           // call to the method 
that perform a standard query on the db
            if(mysql_num_rows($rty->resu))  {     //result
                $rec = mysql_fetch_array($rty->resu);
                         if(!isset($_SESSION["bkmks"]) || 
!in_array($rec, $_SESSION["bkmks"])) {
                                    $_SESSION["bkmks"][] = $rec;

when I store for the first time no problem ... When I try to store 
another item or the same item again
I got that awful error

thanks in advance !

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