On Thursday 22 August 2002 18:20, Thomas Goeminne wrote:
> Dear programmers,
> I have some trouble setting up a php nuke version on

Just because there is php in the name phpnuke, it does not automatically mean 
it's a php question. You are asking in the wrong place. Try the phpnuke 
support forums.

> http://www.mydomain.be/nuke I have put all the files in the directory nuke.
> But when I start the first page I get error messages. 

Hey we're 'programmers' not mind readers. If you're posting this expecting 
some decent answers then it's a good idea to provide some decent information. 
What _are_ these error messages?

> Apparantly the files
> are searched in www.mydomain.be and not in the directory nuke. How can i
> solve this problem?
> I already put in the config.php the url to my site as
> http://www.mydomain.be/nuke but this doesn't seem to solve my problem.

Presumably you _have_ followed the installation instructions? IIRC after 
copying the phpnuke files you have to run install.php (or something like 
that) to initialise the thing and to write out a config file. I'm not sure 
that you had to edit config.php by hand.

As I said above, you'll probably get better help over at the phpnuke support 

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