Hi All,

I have a bit of a problem using the session management functions in PHP4.
(PHP 4.1.2 in fact)

I have a "order wizard" system on my website that is using PHP sessions to
track values entered on the various forms across all pages of the wizard.

at the start of each page i am issuing the "session_start();" command.

Session ID's are passed in the GET string as part of the URL, and form
values are posted..

each page submits the user data back onto itself (I have all my validation
etc at the top of the document) - thus if the user fails to enter certain
values, the page doesnt move into the next step, but instead alert them to
their errors.

if the form values pass, the form will move on to the next page using a
header(location: nextpage.php) command.

the problem I have, however, is that on the third page of my wizard, if the
user submits only some of the required fields, it submits back onto itself
and displays an error as required, but the problem is that when you fill in
the missing fields and move on to the next page (in effect back onto itself
first, then on to the next page) the fields that had their values missing,
are not passed along...

Does this all make sense?  I can provide all the code samples if need be.

I have tested this scenario using a PC running apache under Win2K, and also
on a Unix box with Apache - same problem.

Thanks for any help.


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