I wrote a little script for generation thumbnails of larger images....
$origImage = imageCreateFromJpeg($sourcePath."/".$currentImageName);
    $thumbnail = imageCreate($thumbWidth,$thumbHeight);// create empty image

    imageJpeg($thumbnail, $targetPath."/".$thumbNamePrefix."_thumb.jpg"); //
Store it
    imageDestroy($thumbnail); // cleanup
    echo "<br>Image ".$targetPath."/".$thumbNamePrefix."_thumb.jpg"."
created successfully!";


then, I've noticed that the quality of the thumbnails created is very bad!
my "phpinfo()" page shows  "2.0 or higher" as GD version

So, I'm wondering whether I'm doing something wrong in my code or whether
there exist a better library to use with PHP ... a library able to generate
good quality JPG files...

Thanks in advance.


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