I would like to ask you guys again, who have problems with the
current CHM edition to help us make all them go away. We already
corrected the example display problem, but some guys reported
bugs about the context menu positioning and the page display
process also has some bugs in IE6.

The bug descriptions and contribution requests are available at
http://weblabor.hu/php-doc-chm/#knownbugs Please contribute to
this great project if you have some JS experience and the
appropriate software to test. I am not going to upgrade to IE6
myself, that is for sure, sorry.

As far as I can see, the context menu positioning is OK
logically, but some reports keep posted to the CHM list.
The page display problems are simply bugs in IE, and we
need to find a workaround.

For those who tested iframetests.zip I have released a new
version so please test again!

Thanks for your help and contribution to the PHP community,

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