I've isolated the problem with MS Word and MS Wordpad; The problem does not
occur when pasting from Notepad.  I want to make sure that all the text is
ASCII before converting to MIME encoding.  This shoul alleviate the problems
that are occuring.


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> Just some ideas.
> First, to check if it's really the pasted text from MS Word that is really
> causing the problem, paste the text from MS Word to a text editor like
> "notepad" THEN from "notepad" copy and paste to the <textarea> and see if
> the problem is still there.
> If it's still there, well, that means it's a different problem.
> Perhaps, it's about the "quotes and apostrophes" that you've mention so
> it'd be better to check the manual. See addslashes() or stripslashes().
> Or, the problem could be something else. But, I don't really think it's
> because the pasted text is from MS Word... (Pasted text to the textarea
> should have been already converted...)
> - E
> >
> >I have an application which uses the <textarea> tag for users to input
> data.  This works fine.  However, some users are using MS Word to generate
> the text and then cutting and pasting into the <textarea>.  This works
> as well.
> >
> >However, I am encountering a problem when the application mails the
> submitted content. Everything is viewed fine throught the web.   We are
> MIME encoding the message using base64 functions.  The problem is that not
> all email clients are decoding the MS Word  pasted content properly.
> Quotes and apostrophes are not being decoded properly.
> >
> >I assume the problem is that the MS Word pasted content is not ASCII.
> need to convert this content to ASCII before we encode the MIME message.
> >
> >Do you have any ideas?
> >
> >/dkm
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