> And here is the error I get:
 > -------------------------------------
 > Warning: Unable to create 
 > '/home/thehobby/public_html/php/phpforums/uploads/': Is a 

Does this directory exist?  Does the user that your web server is
running as have permission to write files in this directory?

 > Anyone know whats going on - PHP.net was of a absolutely no 
 > use and I am very new at file uploads - any help appreciated!

You might find that setting up a simple test page with the file upload
and little else will help you.  For starters you might even just set up
a test page that echos back the name of the file and the temp name of
the file - then you can see if your form is sending the right
information.  From there try moving your uploaded file and if this fails
then you've either got a syntax problem with your code or you've got a
permissions problem on the server.

http://www.php.net/manual/en/features.file-upload.php includes examples
of doing a file upload and the comments following it include many useful
tips.  In the end, though, you're best move is probably to start simple
and make sure it works before adding in all the other stuff that you
might want to do.

CYA, Dave

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