Hi !

there is no way to apply a config file to apache without restarting the
the only way I know (which really does not mean that it is the only one !),
is to use the command "apachctl" or "httpd". But those command need to be
launched as root, I think (try to login as root, then to a "su nobody", and
try to launch apache like this. If it works, then a simple exec("apachctl
restart") should be enough, check the syntax of exec() there :
http://www.php.net/exec ).

If you need to be root to start apache, then you'll need to either build a
script that changes user to root, and lauches "apachectl restart" once
logged ( try the "sudo" command in your shell, it is available in any linux
distribution, or try freshmeat.net ),  or use the setuid bit so that any
user can start httpd with root provilege (which would work but wouldn't be
recommende. "man chmod" to know more about this).



"Liam Mackenzie" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> a écrit dans le message de
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> Hey all,
> I need to restart apache using PHP.  Is this possible?
> Or, ar least apply a modified config file...
> PHP is running as nobody:nobody as is Apache.
> Thanks,
> Liam

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