>Im using array_rand() and shuffle() in my scripts.
>Im seeding using mt_srand().
>I noticed the manual didn't suggest that mt_srand() can be used to seed 
>array_rand() and shuffle() but the older srand().
>The mt_srand man page states that its a drop in replacement for srand().
>I just would like to double check with the gurus that mt_srand() can be 
>used to seed array_rand() and shuffle().

Most likely mt_srand() will not affect array_rand() and shuffle().

MT_ is a "drop-in" replacement, but it's a "package deal" that you replace
rand/srand with mt_rand/mt_srand.

It won't change the underlying code within array_rand() and shuffle()

On the plus side, PHP has automatically seeded the random numbers for
several versions now...

Don't know for 100% sure that that applies to array_rand and/or shuffle,
however -- Perhaps only built-in seeding for rand() and/or mt_srand()

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