>the problem I have, however, is that on the third page of my wizard, if the
>user submits only some of the required fields, it submits back onto itself
>and displays an error as required, but the problem is that when you fill in
>the missing fields and move on to the next page (in effect back onto itself
>first, then on to the next page) the fields that had their values missing,
>are not passed along...
>Does this all make sense?  I can provide all the code samples if need be.

It's almost-for-sure in your logic/code and not really in PHP...

Source code needed.

At a guess, I'd say that you are doing session_start() and/or the relocation
in such a way that the variables are *NOT* getting saved when/where you
think they are.

I think you're probably over-using header("Location: ") and are just going
to be having problems until you stop using it so much.  It's really designed
for web pages that *MOVED*, not as an alternative to programming logic.

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