>I want to pass the current url (appearing on the browser address bar), say
>http://www.mydomain.com?cat.php=234 to appear in a form field
>in the a new page, say category.php.
>I am sure it's something to do with HTTP_variables or CGI.referrer but can't
>seem to get the one needed.

Either use this in the "from" page:

<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME=previous VALUE='<?=htmlentities($PHP_SELF)?>'>

Or use $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] in the "to" page.

Or is it $_ENV['HTTP_REFERER']?  I can never remember what comes from which.
 Use <?php phpinfo();?> to be sure.

Note that some browsers may choose to give you very strange things for
HTTP_REFERER, but PHP_SELF is pretty much going to be what you set it.

On the other hand, it's trivial for a hacker to alter your INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN
tag and send whatever they like.

In either case, you can't trust the data you are getting, since any bozo
could make it be anything they want.

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