You need to have a look at the regular expression functions like ereg,
eregi, ereg_replace, eregi_replace and the preg functions.

The manual itself doesn't document regular expression pattern matching that
well, but there is a reasonable starter article here:

Anyhoo, rather than testing for
    $files != "*.config"
you need to test for
    !ereg('.config$', $files)
which means if the file doesn't END with .config.

Similarly, you could also rule out .. and . with another regular expression:
    !eregi('^.', $files)

Revised code, untested:

if($handle = opendir('/path/to/list/directory'))
    while(false !== ($files = readdir($handle)))
        if(!eregi('^.', $files) && !eregi('.config$', $files))
            echo $files;

Justin French

on 27/08/02 4:03 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> I am showing a directory of files and I don't what all the files to
> show on the screen. I was able to get the . and the .. not to show
> with what I have below but there are some other files in there that look
> like this mylist.confg. I don't want them to show in the directory
> list. I tried && $files != "*.config"  but this did not work .
> Anybody have an suggestions on how to do this . I have look through
> the manual and the mailing list but can't figure out how to make the
> pattern to keep this from showing
> if ($handle = opendir('/path/to/list/directory')) {
> while (false !== ($files = readdir($handle))) {
> if ($files != "." && $files != "..") {
> echo $files;
> }

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