Hi Gerard,

I never had any problem using output buffering...
Do you correctly dump the buffer when an error occurs ? I suppose you have
built your own error() function, a bit like this one :

    echo $msg;

can you tell us a bit more concerning the way you handle the exit of your
program ?



"Gerard Samuel" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> a écrit dans le message de news:
> In an included file, I have an error handler that is using the 'output
> buffering' trick to
> dump a page in progress to display the error page.
> I also happened to have a switch to turn on output compression.
> When output compression is on, if an error is comitted while the page is
> displaying, I get an empty page,
> instead of the expected error page or the page hangs, depending on the
> browser.
> Has anyone gotten both forms of output control to work together without
> ill side effects??
> Thanks
> --
> Gerard Samuel
> http://www.trini0.org:81/
> http://dev.trini0.org:81/

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