Hi everybody,
I'm using Sablotron to transform XML with XSL and this is the PHP file:


$strXhtml = "<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>\n";
$strXhtml = $strXhtml . "<html><body>\n";
$strXhtml = $strXhtml . "<p><b><font color=\"#800080
$strXhtml = $strXhtml . "<p align=\"left\"><input type=\"text\" 
name=\"balanceText\" size=\"20\" value=\"200$\"/></p>\n";
$strXhtml = $strXhtml ."</body></html>";


$transform = new XSLTransformer(); 
if($transform->setXsl($xsl)) { 
           if($transform->setXmlString($xml)) { 
              if ($transform->getError() == 0) { 
                 echo $transform->getOutput(); 
              } else { 
                 echo "<p>Error transforming ",$xml,".</p>\n"; 
           } else { 
              echo "<p>",$xml,": ",$transform->getError(),"</p>\n"; 

} ?> 

I'm getting the following warning although I'm sure that if I applied XSL 
to the XML file without php, it's working. Plz can u help me and tell me 
what could be the problem?
Warning: xslt_process(): supplied argument is not a valid XSLT Processor 
resource in /home/alia/public_html/XHTML/XSLTransformer.php on line 69

Thx a lot

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