The problem I have when using include files is the path to different parts of the web 

To Explain:

I have a header.inc file in an inc directory:

 |       |___header.inc
 |       |___topbar_01.gif

In the header.inc file there is: 
<img name="topbar_01" src="images/topbar_01.gif" width=783 height=56>

now when I include this into the faq.php file I do not display the topbar_01.gif as 
the path to topbar_01.gif is now

I would like to be able to use a header.inc file so that I can update the entire site 

Is there a way I can specify the correct path when using an include file in this way?
I have tried to use some of the Environment Variables.

I find that I am having this problem when I am using a structured site. I would rather 
not place all files into the same directory

Thankyou for your reply,

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