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I know a lot has been discussed in this topic, but I still don't find any 
What I want to do is send a lot of mails triggered from a web page using 
I've found diferent solutions but all of them has some problem:
1) using set_time_limit() to allow the script to run longer while sending 
e-mails, my prefered solution but I won't let someone waiting a lot of time 
with a loading browser because they'll stop, reload, and at best, just not 
like it. So, I would like to launch a background process changing the 
set_time_limit() in that process (if needed), the problem is that I wasn't 
able to run a background process in PHP, were you ? I know I could use at 
(atd) to run a background process but in my shared server, there's no at 

2) Queuing instead of sending. I've seen that some people improved the 
'sending' (well, it's not sending anymore) by queuin only. Then some people 
tell me that sendmails always queue and I'm a bit confused. Does sendmail 
queue or sends mails ? if it queue, why is it send imediatly if the queue 
is procesed once an hour or so ? I don't care if my mails are procesed once 
an hour for this mails, I don't need them to be sent imediatly. I can't 
change sendmail configuration (since it's a shared server) and I wouldn't 
want to because I have other 'mail cases' when I want to send the mails 
imediatly. I can't change the way PHP calls sendmail (again, it's a shared 
server) but I'm using PHPMailer and I can change the way PHPMailer uses 
sendmail, will `/usr/sbin/sendmail -O DeliveryMode=q` queue the mails I'm 
sending ?

3) Someone told me to do it using cron, do you have any idea of how to do it 
with cron ?

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