if you just wanna delete everything from the tables you can do

DELETE FROM table_name;

for each table.  or you can do DROP table_name; for each one but then you
have to re-create each table that you drop with CREATe TABLE ( stuff here

Only use DROP table_name; if you know the structure of each table.  If you
need the table names do SHOW TABLES; and if you need their structure use
DESCRIBE table_name;


On Wed, 28 Aug 2002, Trevor Tregoweth wrote:

> Hi
> I am very new to mysql, so any help please....
> how to drop tables from a database from the command line
> i have 6 tables in there, and need to be able to flush all the data out, (of
> 2 tables only) so there might be another way
> Thanks
> Trevor

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