Bruce --

...and then Bruce Karstedt said...
% Anyone care to recommend a host as follows:
% Unix
% Domain Reg.
% No unusual size or traffic requirements (now)

We host with and I've been quite happy; excellent bandwidth,
good uptime, tech support that meets my needs, and so on.  If you didn't
wnat to pay their price (a little steep but it works for the stuff we do
on our server), I can handle your hosting needs as another customer on
our server, particularly based on the very very lean requirements you've
just set.  Hey, I'll even give you email ;-)

% Pay by Check (my company will not allow the used of company credit cards
% over the Internet.)

Not a problem.

% Bruce Karstedt
% President
% Technology Consulting Associates, Ltd.
% Tel: 847-735-9488
% Fax: 847-735-9474


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