The 8th sample of the New CHM Edition of the PHP Manual is out now.
It fixes the *.js selection problem in the preferences application,
and many bugs experienced by IE6 users:

    - example ugliness is away
    - horizontal scroll problems are away
    - context menu placement is fixed

All these errors occured because the modified standard compliant
object model of IE6.

In addition to these bug fixes two small new features were added. Now
you can access both of the context menus (one with right click, the
other with CTRL+right click), so you only need to select your
prefered menu. The custom context menu is also placed inside the window
if you right click at the edge (much like the system context menu),
and is not forced to the right-bottom direction of the place where
you click.

The "Friendly HTTP error message" problem does not seem to be
solveable, so I included a reg file in the distribution to ease
the fix for IE6 users (please also read details on the CHM's page).


The question is what new bugs I have added with these fixes? ;)


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