Here is what I would like to do. I have a simple form that asks for
information from a customer. One of the questions is Which categories of
products are you interested in? I want to store all the data in a table
called pf_survey. All the categories(42) are already listed in a
separate table called categories. I don't think I want to repeat a list
of columns in the pf_survey table if they are already in the categories
table. The categories table is simply category_id and category_name. If
my form has a checkbox by each category name with the corresponding
category_id in the value field - how do I concatenate all the boxes
checked in order to put more than one category_id in the pf_survey
category_ids field? 

Does this call for an array? Does it even make sense to do it like this?
Thank you for any help.

Duffy Betterton
Director of Publications

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