Appologies if this comes through twice. I tried to post it via goolg groups 
but it didn't seem to work.

If I run the following script from within apache, then the script
fails and returns $error=2
$data="this is a test";
system ("echo '$data' |/usr/bin/gpg -vv --clearsign -u testing -o
/home/httpd/html/nic/output --passphrase-fd 2
print $error;
I've seen quite a lot on the web about this suggesting that it's a
permissions problem.
However, If I add #!/usr/bin/php to the top of the script and make it
executable, then su to 'nobody' (which appache runs as) then the
script runs perfectly from the command line - so I think that the
permissions are all OK.
Any ideas where I'm going wrong?

Jon Lawrence

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