Actually, the same thing happens if the ServerName directive was not set.

But anyway, even if the default page doesn't show up,


would still work...

- E

>"Ryan A" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
>Anyway, I installed PHPTriad first but since the version of php is 4.0.0 I
>uninstalled it and installed SpaceServer...the problem I noticed with both
>was I could not get the default page from apache with http://localhost/ I
>have to use or it gives me a page not found error....Any
>idea why? I have tried using it with the port numbers of :80 and :8080
>without any luck..I need it to display the pages using "localhost" as some
>programs are configured that way...
>What is the value of "ServerName" in your httpd.conf file?  I'm guessing
>that it's "".  If so, just change it to "localhost" and restart
>Seairth Jacobs
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