Sounds like an IE bug to me.  If it knows there is POST data and it sends
a GET, it is just plain wrong.  How about just using GET-method vars in
the URL to bounce this stuff along, or even a cookie-based session.


On Wed, 28 Aug 2002, Matt Schroebel wrote:

> I have a page the will print a telephone listing in pdf (using pdflib and inline 
>pdf) by POSTing the requested orientation and papersize to a second page. I've found 
>that I have to post to a second page because IE seems to cache a response, and if I 
>post to the same page, I can never get the html to render again, as IE I suppose, is 
>expecting PDF, and I was sending html.
> Anyway, this 2 page method works fine, but if I hit refresh on the window showing 
>the PDF doc (like I do when change fonts and want to see the change), the document 
>reformats to the default values I have for orientation and papersize.
> Now, IE pops up the window that says the data must be resent, so IE knows to post 
>it, but in sniffing, I see that the request is now a GET, and there is no form data 
>being sent.
> Experimenting around, I added some foreach statements at the top and bottom of the 
>page, submitted it from the first page, and when I do that (and my headers aren't 
>sent), I can see the posted data, and the refresh stays as a POST.  But, it I take 
>out the foreach, send the headers, and the pdf; refresh becomes a GET, and I loose 
>the users requested orientation.
> Any ideas?
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