I have tried to use cURL with PHP but without sucess so far.

In the php.ini I have made the following changes:

extension_dir = d:/php/extensions/



Also, I have copied; "SSLEY32.dll" and "libey32.dll" to WINNT\SYSTEM32

Someone who have expirence with this ?

Thanks in advance.

Steinar Kolnes

However I am still not able run any cURL functions like $ch = curl_init
Is there anything more I have to do like copying some other dll's or any
form of "black magic".
It seem so close, but still .. It does not work.

I always get this error: Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_VARIABLE,
expecting ',' or ';' in d:\apache\htdocs\phonec\sms\send_sms.php on line 45

Best regards
Steinar Kolnes

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