Hi all,

My host is putting together a new linux box at the moment for hosting, and I
want to make sure that they include a few things that I've needed, but
weren't available on the current server.  I've got about 15 domains with
them, so it's not particularly easy to change hosts.

A few things I've wanted so far:
- enable_trans_sid
- mcrypt (encypting credit cards, etc)
- GD library w/JPEG & PNG
- PDFlib
- XML 

All of these (except PDFlib) seem to be included in the server they're in
BETA testing on (see http://indent.com.au/temp/newserver_phpinfo.html for an
output of phpinfo() on the new server).

Although, I'm not "up to speed" on what I REALLY need to look for.

1. are the mcrypt "Supported ciphers" the "usual suspects"?
2. are the XML components installed the "usual suspects"?

If not, what should I be looking to have added?

3. Is there anything else that I should be looking for on the server?
They're not in a habbit of adding stuff once the server is "in production",
so I'm keen to get as much on there as possible before they roll it out.

Thanks in advance,

(see http://indent.com.au/temp/newserver_phpinfo.html for a php_info output
from the new server, as sent to me by the host)

Justin French

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