Relying on the back button isn't good... the data may or may not be there
when they return.

However, you CAN provide them with a button "change", and POST the data to a
form... where they modify their data, the form needs to echo the POST data
back into the form, eg:

<FORM action="validate.php" action="POST">
    <INPUT type="text" name="username" value="<?=$_POST['username']?>">

selects, checkboxes and some other things are a little more tricky, but
you'll figure them out... search the archives too... it's been asked 1000's
of times :)

Justin French

on 29/08/02 7:02 PM, Hakkan Lui ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Dear all,
> In my php program, when user click "submit" on a form, it comes to a
> confirmation page, showing what the user entered in the form.
> If the user find want to re-enter the information, he press "Back" on the
> browser. Then it comes back to the form, with empty input.
> I want to ask:
> Can the form show the previously input data, when the user goes "back" from
> the confirmation page?
> If no, any other method to do that?
> Thanks for your help.
> Regards,
> Hakkan Lui

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