I could use some practical tips on doing transactions with InnoDB
tables in MySQL.

I want to grab and lock a record and do a whole load of related stuff,
then make sure everything is updated in a consistent way, something
like this skeleton:


SELECT * from blah WHERE something=n FOR UPDATE //Grab and lock a record

SELECT * from t1, t2 where a=1 ...

INSERT blah...

UPDATE something else...

if ($allok)

I don't quite get what I need to do to make sure these are all regarded
as part of the same transaction. Does the transation apply to all
queries made between the begin and commit (I assume so)? What happens
when I have another process doing the same thing at the same time?
Do I need to keep the result value I get from the begin query and
somehow use it for the commit at the end so MySQL knows they are two
ends of the same transaction? Or does MySQL somehow track that for me -
i.e. can there only be one transaction in progress per connection?

I'm finding the MySQL docs are extremely dry and somewhat short on

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