Hello all:

I'm seeing an odd problem after I moved a large PHP application from one
server to another.

Part of the system sends an email to users, containing a clickable http://
link. The link includes a parameter called "goto", which bundles up a set of
name-value pairs, which indicate the user's final destination. If the user
isn't logged in yet, the application holds onto the goto parameter, and once
the login is complete, forwards the user on to the specified location.

When we send the url, it is encoded, and looks like this:


Once I moved the application, from a PowerMac G4 running LinuxPPC, Apache
1.3.20 and PHP 4.0.5, to a Dell PowerEdge running RedHat 7.3, Apache 1.3.26
and PHP 4.0.6, these URLs seem to not get translated any more. On our
development server, Dell server running RedHat 7.1, Apache 1.3.23, PHP
4.1.1, they seem to work fine.

When it works, I click an encoded link in my mailer, and my browser tries to
access the URL with a correct, decoded query string. When it fails, I get a
message from the browser (IE 5+ only for this app) that says "Attempt to
nel%3D1002566%26option%3Dedit failed".

So it seems that the browser in the failing case is trying to deal with the
URL in its encoded form.

Anyone have any ideas about what I'm missing?

-- Steve

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