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> Can anyone tell me why my emoticons arent appearing? Please?
> Note: $message is a variable set by a web form. The field `pattern` is the
> string to search for, like ":-)", and `url` is the relative url to the
> emoticon. I just get the plain emoticon. Note: this bit is above the INSERT
> statement in the script.
> <?php
> $emotes = mysql_query("SELECT `pattern`,`url` FROM `emoticons`");
> for ($t = 0; $t < mysql_num_rows($emotes); $t ++) {
> $emotes_array = mysql_fetch_row($emotes);
> eregi_replace($emotes_array[0], "<img src=\"emoticons/$emotes_array[1]\"
> alt=\"$emotes_array[0]\">", $message);
> }
> ?>

Shouldn't you be assigning the result of your eregi_replace to a variable, 
then do something with it?

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