I'm not sure if this will help but using mb_send_mail() instead of mail() 
solved the problems I had with Japanese characters...

However, it might be the mail client itself. Check if they had no problem 
before (when they received similar e-mails from other sources).

- E

>I have sent an email using mail function in which the
>subject and email body have charset=big5.
>Customers with outlook express can read the big5
>chinese characters without any trouble.  However,
>people who read their emails from Lotus Notes complain
>that they cannot read the subject.  But, they can read
>the email body because I have set charset in the
>    $mailHeader="From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]\r\nContent-type:
>                 text/plain; charset=big5\r\n" ;
>My mail statement looks like the following:
>mail($mailTo, $mailSubject, $mailBody, $mailHeader) ;
>where $mailSubject and $mailBody are both big5 char.
>Is there a way I can set $mailSubject charset=big5?
>Thanks for your help
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