The script below works on my development web server which sits on our
company LAN. When I transfer the script to our isp hosted webserver, the
script does not work. I changed to read localhost/
for the isp webserver version (I have also tried replacing localhost with
the actual ip address). On my development server, the email is sent and the
redirection happens but on the production server neither of these happens.
Any ideas?

  $toaddress = "[EMAIL PROTECTED]";
  $subject = "Enquiry via Web Site.";
  $mailcontent = "Customer Name: ".$name."\n"
                 ."Position: ".$position."\n"
                 ."Company Name: ".$company."\n"
                 ."Address: ".$address."\n"
                 ."E-mail: ".$email."\n"
                 ."Tel No: ".$telno."\n"
                 ."Customer Comments: ".$enquiry."\n";

  mail($toaddress, $subject, $mailcontent);



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