As others have probably told you, you can't rely on the back button and 
don't try to disable it, it's part of the user interface. The user 
really needs to live with the fact that if they leave the page, they 
will lose the data entered.

However, there is a way to retain the data as they enter it. You can use 
Javascript to write the data to cookies as they enter it. This means 
setting traps on every field, checkboxes and radio button would have an 
onClick, data entry fields would have an onBlur (is that write?). So as 
they enter the data, it is save in local cookies.
You would also want to add an onLoad trap on the page to check for and 
read the cookies if present to populate the fields. Most people aren't 
used to cookies management via Javascript, so it may be a little 
daunting at first. But this will work. If cookies javascript are enabled 
that is.

On Thursday, August 29, 2002, at 05:22 AM, Jean-Christian Imbeault wrote:

> I have php page that creates an html form. When the user hits the 
> submit button another php script is called to parse the form and 
> display some output.
> However I find that if I hit the back button the form values get reset. 
> How can I make it so that if I hit the back button the values I entered 
> in the form will still be displayed?
> Jc
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