Friday, August 30, 2002, 7:28:45 PM, you wrote:
PT> Hi all.

PT> I have a tag:
PT> <a href="index2.php?pg=2" >CV</a>

PT> when I want to validate page (W3C online validator) , validator prints:

PT> Line 37, column 50:
PT> <a href="index2.php?pg=2&PHPSESSID=195c0283f8 ...
PT>                                            ^Error: unknown entity

PT> How can I solve this? (&amp doesn't functioning, because after that is
PT> &PHPSESSID added automatically by php)

PT> When I open the source file from MSIE there is no PHPSESSID parameter. So in
PT> properties of link.

PT> Maybe validator uses different way to connect to that site.

PT> Is there possibility to solve this?

PT> thanks a lot
PT> Peter Turcan

what it is compaining about is the '&' symbol not the PHPSESSID, you
need to change the '&' to index2.php?pg=2&amp;PHPSESSID=195c0283f8
If you use session.use_trans_sid you need to change the outgoing
seperator in php.ini(can't remember it's name)


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