>I'm trying to get an apostrophe (and a dash, as well) to be 
>included in a preg_match expression, but I don't know how to escape the 

The dash has to come "last" in your [] grouping:

This will work.

The ' is a matter of counting how many \s PHP wants and how many Perl wants.

Inside "", PHP doesn't need ' escaped at all.

Perl needs a \, but in PHP, you need \\ to get a \ inside the quotes.

So I'm betting it's more like:


I'm not sure what you think ^ at the end of the [] means, but I don't think
it's what you want...

I dunno what you were trying to do with the / in there...

If you just want / as a character, I know PHP doesn't need any escaping, but
God only knows about the Perl part of it.

>if (preg_match("^[!a-zA-Z-/\\\'/]^", $_POST['ssname']))  die
>("<h5>Numbers and special characters not allowed in 'Surname'<br><br>
> Click 'Back' on your browser to re-enter
>Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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