>Yes. Another poor soul who is having problems with PHP and installing the
>IMAP library. I've installed Apache 1.3.26, PHP 4.2.2 and MySQL and they all
>work just fine together. But I want IMAP as well, because I want my webmail
>app to work.
>I compiled PHP like so:
>$    ./configure --with-apache=[valid path to apache
>source] --with-imap --with-kerberos
>and there were no errors to speak of.
>It created many of these files in my php-source-directory/ext/imap:
>config.m4  imap.dsp              libimap.la  Makefile     php_imap.c
>php_imap.lo  setup.stub
>CREDITS    IMAP_Win32_HOWTO.txt  libs.mk     Makefile.in  php_imap.h
>The only file that is missing from my entire system - I have looked - is
>php_imap.so. Oh sure, php_imap.LO is here, but no php_imap.so. And so Apache
>barfs but keeps going when I go and start it:
>[root@ns apache_1.3.26]# /etc/rc.d/init.d/apache start
>PHP Warning:  Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/local/lib/php_imap.so' -
>/usr/local/lib/php_imap.so: No such file or directory
>Of course, I know it isn't in /usr/local/lib but it isn't anywhere on my
>system. How do I get this gosh darn php_imap.so file??
>I would graciously appreciate a reply by email because these are such active
>groups. Thank you.

Try using --with-imap=shared

That should generate a php_imap.so file for you, I think.

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