>Dear All,
>I'm using a shared server hosted by an ISP. I cannot get PHP recompiled
>with --with-curl. I've read the information about cURL but it appears that I
>need to be root in order to install it? I cannot do this. Does this mean
>that I cannot use cURL or CURL at all? If it doesn't what do I need to do so
>I can start using it?

You *MIGHT* be able to:

Compile PHP --with-curl=shared on the *SAME* OS/hardware as your ISP and get
a php_curl.so file.
And you *MIGHT* be able to use http://php.net/dl to load that into your

Most likely, though, you can't do that.

Either convince the ISP to re-configure --with-curl, or find a new web-host
that supports it.

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