>>From: "Richard Lynch" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>>If you absolute *MUST* refuse to initialize the array (BAD IDEA!)
>>You would be *MUCH* better off listening to those >warnings and fixing your code.
>I totally agree with. I was just peeved that PHP would handle unitiliazed 
>strings without a warning (a string with no value is treated as an empty 
>string), so why would it complain about arrays.


Crank up your error_reporting to E_ALL instead of just E_ALL~E_NOTICE which
is what you have now.

A variable with no value is converted to '', but that can't be converted to
an array, and then you get the error.

There *ARE* "notice" level messages for all the uninitialized strings you're
using.  You just ain't seeing them with the default php.ini setting for

Use E_ALL.

Better code.

Unless they turned *OFF* that warning with the new default register_globals
setting... Surely nobody would be that silly...

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