Then check the MySQL manual using the URL I posted!

PHP doesn't care about the hundred or so reserved MySQL words. MySQL does.
Perhaps you're confusing the two. Please check what I said:


The documentation for each is separate. PHP has "convenience" functions for
talking to a MySQL database. It does not parse or check your SQL statements
for correctness - it just passes them along and lets the MySQL library do
its work. PHP does this for a great number of products: cURL, GD functions,
various ODBC interfaces, etc. It's up to you to read the support docs for
those products to use them fully. The docs for PHP don't need to be
cluttered with deep and detailed explanations of every supported interface,
not would I expect them to.

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I meant besides the UPDATE or SELECT or any filed that those words might
interfere with...

- Victor >

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hem. Why not check out the MySQL docs for reserved words (they _are_
there ...):

PHP Docs are for PHP. MySQL Docs are for MySQL. PHP != MySQL.

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Yep, figured it just now, thanks anyway, ahhh.. You'd thing they put
reserved names right besides the damn mysql command in the manual. Alas
it shall not be so.

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