It seems nearly everyone has a problem with this function, probably because
it relies on third party software.

It doesn't work.  That's my problem!
I'm using Sendmail as my MTA, not running as a Daemon as I have POP3/SMTP
server running on the same
machine (eXtremail)
I'm starting Sendmail like this:
/usr/lib/sendmail -q1h

When I do this:
$this = mail("[EMAIL PROTECTED]", "Subject", "Message goes here");
echo $this;

The scripts hangs, and eventually my browser times out.
Is there any way I can get some error messages?  Or at least get it to tell
me what on earth it's doing?
There's nothing in any of my Apache logs, nothing in eXtremail's logs, but I
get this in my syslog...

Sep  1 15:28:01 nudenurd sendmail[19146]: g815S1fW019146: from=nobody,
size=63, class=0, nrcpts=1,

Anyone got any ideas?  Anyone know if there's any docs on this kind of
thing?  I looked, I failed...
Or where I can get some information on where to get an alternate MTA that
WORKS out of the box (or tar.gz)

Thanks heaps!

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