Hello Ivan,

   <select name="selcategoryid" value="0">

Don't set a value for that tag!

          echo "<option name=\"selcategoryid\"
no need to "name" the <option> tag too, setting the value will be enough.

when you submit your form,  faqbycat.php will receive $selcategoryid as the
user chose from that select list.


"Ivan Carey" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
how do I send information to a php page from a menu list?

When a user selects an item from the list I would like to be able to send
"selcategoryid" to faqbycat.php without the use of a submit button.

Is it done by using the onChange event? if so how may this be done?

The code I am using presently is below

    <form action="faqbycat.php">
     <select name="selcategoryid" value="0">
      <option name="selcategoryid" value="0" selected>Select a
       //display list of provider names
        while ($myrowcating=MySQL_fetch_array($resultcatdet))
          echo "<option name=\"selcategoryid\"
         }//while ($myrowadmintitles=MySQL_fetch_array($admintilteresult))
     <input type="Submit" name="selbycat" value="Show FAQ's by Category">

Thanks for your answer,

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