I don't know anything about Visual Foxpro, so I may be barking up the
wrong tree here, but...

Is there anyway you can use ODBC??? The ODBC functions work pretty well.



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Subject: [PHP] Anybody have a sucessfull use of ADO and php together ?

I tried to use , and have a lot of trouble.

For example I can't read  fields who is Date & time type
I can't read memo fields
I can't update using the recordtset.updated methode.

The only thing I haven't trouble is to show a read only set of
characters rows

Anybody know where I can find more information on use PHP and ADO

The Php.net manual contain near nothing ( only few notes about ADO in
COM section some writed by myself)

Am I the unique trying to use Php and ADO together.?

Since I'm making a migration of a working system from Visual Foxpro To
Interbase I must USE ADO to acess the VFP databases.

Until now the unique solution I found is to mix asp and php, since ASP
do everthing that php didn't with ADO, but this isn't what i want, I'm
tried to founf a way in php but my resources are near end.

Anybody have experience and advanced examples to use ADO and PHP

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